• It is celebrated as a national observance to increase the consciousness of the people and offer new opportunities to the girl child in the society.
  • To remove all the inequalities faced by the girl children of the Indian society.
  • To make certain that every girl child is getting proper respect and value in the Indian society.
  • To ensure that the girl children are getting their all the human rights in the country.
  • To work against diminishing the child sex ratio in the India and change the people mind about the girl child.
  • To initiate couple towards the girl child by increasing awareness about the importance and role of the girl child.
  • To address the girl children issues associated to their health, respect, education, nutrition and etc.
  • To propagate the gender equality among people in India.


Government of India has taken various steps by declaring variety of schemes to make the girl child status better. Some of are:

  • Sex determination during pregnancy through the clinics has been blocked by the government.
  • Child marriages of the girls have been restricted.
  • Antenatal care has been made necessary for all the pregnant women to fight with the malnutrition, high illiteracy, poverty and infant mortality in the society.
  • “Save the Girl Child” scheme has been introduced by the government to save the girl child.
  • Girl child education status in India has been improved through the free and compulsory primary school education for both boys and girls till 14 years of age.
  • To improve the status of the girl child in India, the government of India has reserved 1/3 seats in the local government for women.
  • Anti-MTP, anti-sati laws, anti-dowry Act has also been introduced by the legislature to enhance the women status and employment opportunities.
  • Five Year Plan has been implemented to pay attention towards the education status in the backward states of the country.
  • School children are well availed with the uniforms, noon meal and educational materials and repayments to the SC and ST caste girl’s families.
  • Balwadi-cum-creeches have been implemented for caring the girl babies and attend the primary school.
  • “Operation Blackboard” including other programmes has been organized for the teacher’s education to make the school services advance.
  • The Open Learning System has been established for easiness to the girls of backward areas.
  • It has been declared for the girl child that “girls must be given equal treatments and opportunities from the very beginning” to expand the opportunities for them.
  • The SHG means Self-Help Groups has been introduced by the government as the main policy in order to make better the livelihood of rural areas girls.